Here's a screen-grab of the "Draft Guide" tab of the Spreadsheet, so you can get an idea of what you'll be working with... this is what it looks like BEFORE you start drafting... 


Now, the next screen-grab is what it will look like after you've gone through the first 2 rounds (in a 12 team league)...  The key to this tool is not giving into your "gut" instincts, and just executing a game plan, based on the strategy that you game planned for. It's hard to ignore your gut and just trust the strategy. What you'll notice here is that I went with the highest rated available WR at pick #7 in this draft, and I took Julio Jones, and on the loopback pick in Round 2, I grabbed my RB1 in David Johnson.  You can now also start to see VALUE picks that remain, so for example I would likely think hard about Jordan Reed in Round 3, as he is the last remaining Tier 1 Tight End that is still available. If somebody takes Reed, then I'd likely lean towards Alshon Jeffery, as he's the last remaining Tier 1 Wide Receiver on the board.

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