Folks, every year I spend massive amounts of time and energy creating and customizing this special Excel Spreadsheet that I personally use for all of my fantasy drafts, and every year I WIN LEAGUES and I WIN MONEY! Starting in 2011, I offered it to others who wanted 1 thing... to WIN their fantasy leagues! 

Some people think that the only option is to buy a magazine to use at the draft, while others just use print-outs of Player Projections from or  You may be one of these guys or gals!  These are the people who are always furiously shuffling through a ton of papers, always pretty much lost and not knowing who is off the board or on the board still!! So imagine having a simple spreadsheet to use, no clutter, no pens or highlighters, no fuss! Just bring your laptop or tablet to the draft, open the spreadsheet, and whenever a player gets drafted by somebody else, Highlight that player in RED, for example, so that you know that player is no longer available. When you draft a player for your fantasy team, Highlight that player in YELLOW, now you clearly know which players are on your team! BAM, it's super easy! All of the Bye week info is right there next to each players name, no more drafting players who all have the same bye week! You can also EDIT the spreadsheet in advance, if you don't agree with my rankings! Tweak it if you want to, this is fully customizable! 

If you want an EDGE in your fantasy league in 2017, then getting this spreadsheet is definitely worth it! Add to the fact that you'll also receive WEEKLY emails during the season on who to target in the Waiver Wire/Free Agency, and it's a no-brainer!

This is the EXACT spreadsheet that I'll be using this year in all of my drafts, and if you're smart, it's the one that you'll be using as well! It's simple, make the purchase and within minutes you'll get an email from me with the excel spreadsheet attached, it's really that simple!  Then, you'll receive updated versions of this spreadsheet as we near the first NFL game of the 2017 season.

This spreadsheet isn't just an import of some other websites' rankings, this is the Fantasy Football Addict's own "Next Level" ranking system.  I differ greatly on the value that some sites like ESPN and NFL place on certain players. But it's not just the rankings that we're selling here, it's the methodology of HOW you execute your draft.  So on the primary tab, the "Draft Guide" tab, on the left you'll see the space where you REMIND YOURSELF what you want to end up with post-draft, ie, a top 10 and top 20 RB, a top 12, 24, and 36 WR, etc..  Below that, you can target specific players with specific picks.  Meaning, you go into it knowing that you want your RB1 with pick 1, and if you stray from that, and you take a QB1 with that pick, then you have to edit this section so that you can change your strategy for the following picks.  The "Draft Guide Instructions" tab walks you through this whole process.  This spreadsheet is all about getting you to stick to a SPECIFIC DRAFT STRATEGY.  Our spreadsheet is designed to help you enter the draft with a specific game plan, and to help you execute that game plan in a stategic and streamlined manner.  As we stated, this is a far BETTER option than people who draft with magazines and/or website print-outs and highlighter pens/sharpies.  But with this spreadsheet, and assuming you use it properly, you'll draft better than every single other owner in your league, and that's a HUGE advantage! Knowing who to grab in your Waiver Wire/Free Agency, another HUGE advantage!

So what are you waiting for!? Click the PAYPAL button and let's get started!!!

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